Irina Glik works at the Collection Care Department of Free Library of Philadelphia, digitizing and preserving alternative photographic materials.

As an artist Irina resides in Philadelphia, working on sun-illustrated images. Her work is printed in alternative photography process with digital negative. To mix the emulsion she uses sources from digitized archives, such as vintage photography magazines and manuals.

Her was accepted to the Annual Photography Contest called Living Image 2017 (presented by Philadelphia HalideProject), ANIMA MUNDI festival 2017 (Venice, Italy), New York print magazine called Don’t Take Pictures for the exhibition Cyanotypes: Beyond the Blue as well as featured at the Reclaim Photography Festival (Great Britain), FairmountCrawlShow (Philadelphia), Black&White&Blue photography contest by Darkroom Gallery, USA, to name a few.

She became a member of Philadelphia Photo Society and continue contribute to the artistic path of City of Philadelphia through running workshops, presentation and educational events. 

As she grew up in Europe Irina has strong  interest in connecting the global photography community with local contemporary photography community.



The Museum of modern art course called «Seeing through photographs», certificate, 2016

Workshop “Photography with intention” by Scott Davis, Executive Director of Medium Photography Festival, Odessa, Ukraine, 2016

Participant of Ukrainian-Georgian photography festival, Odessa-Batumi Photodays, Odessa, Ukraine, 2016

Art Photography, Ukrainian TV, Radio Broadcasting and Press Institute, 2015

Certificate, Secrets of Creative Photography, Kyiv School of Photography, 2015

Certificate, Free School of Journalism, 2014

Diploma, Photography for Media, Ukrainian TV, Radio Broadcasting and Press Institute, 2014


Living Image  2017, Philadelphia 2017

Blue Moon, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2017

Annual Photography Salon of Philadelphia Photo Society,  Philadelphia, 2017

Cyanotypes: Beyond the Blue, 2017, New York

Reclaim Photography Festival, Great Britain,  2017

FairmountCrawlShow Philadelphia, 2017

Black&White&Blue photography  contest by Darkroom Gallery, USA, 2017

Volume VI of Femme Fotale, «Leafless», 2017

Winter Issue of Studio Visit Magazine, USA, 2017

Art Picnic, 2016

Ukrainian-Georgian Photography festival, 2016.

X festival of Ukrainian photography Clubs, 2015




Since 2015 developed and organized Workshops in Alternative photography, Camera-less Photography for the Ukrainian Georgian Photography Festival, Arts & Crafts, Philadelphia Photo Society, NextFab, etc. 


Irina believes it is really important to be able to write at least a paragraph about a work of an artist. If you learn how to think, how to write and have a good work ethic a lot of things can happen to you. That is why artist has written and translated numerous art and photography articles in/into Russian/Ukrainian.

She also promotes regularly using digitized archives for non-English speakers.

Open Archive: How to use the digitized archives of the New York Public Library

New York Public Library: Digital Projects  for everbody

Grand Opening of International Photography Center, New York / The only Ukrainian article /

MOMA: Seeing  through photographs

«How to: use the Lensculture»

«Photographic clishe’s by Martin Parr» /translated post of the Magnum Photos  Executive director woth the permission/

«Steichen. Live view» / for Ukrainian photography Union/.