Digital collections

The Special Collections which I work with include  3D and 2D items such as: 

Books, diaries and letters, historical papers,
Medieval manuscripts, paintings,
Historical images of Philadelphia,
Fine Art Prints and Photographs.

My daily work may include:
— creating new digital files for capture quality, neutral/grey balance, color accuracy, sharpness, contrast and density; 
— editing files and/or proofing match prints to original objects; 
— ingesting files into the digital asset management system and/or digital preservation system.

Historical Images of Philadelphia

The images contained in this digital collection are from the Print and Picture Collection’s Philadelphiana Collection, which includes photographs, prints, watercolors, and scrapbooks documenting Philadelphia. Of particular interest are images of Old Philadelphia in Early Photographs, the Samuel Castner Scrapbooks, and the watercolors of Augustus Kollner.

Medieval Manuscripts

Manuscript collection includes most of the kinds of books used between 1000 and 1500 A.D.: prayer books and poetry, Bibles and political propaganda, philosophical works, and fantastic histories.